Setting up a better, easier, more secure server, with Virtual Dedicated Servers
No need to buy or maintain expensive hardware for your servers. No need to purchase
licenses for your operating systems and other software. When you move to virtual servers in
the cloud, you save on computing expenses PLUS you gain considerable operational

The VDS includes:
Flexibility – VDS is a simple way of enabling your servers to grow and adapt without new
Reduced Floor Space – no need to allocate space on-premises, or deal with overheating
Reduced Expenses – no electricity or license costs, etc.
Strong Server Specifications – high powered servers including Windows or Linux and
hardware as required.
High availability servers – guaranteeing very high Uptime.
24/7 Support – professional support team with years of experience and expertise

A Checklist for Comparing World-wide Virtual Services
There are a lot of options in the virtual server market. Which of these are important to you?

1. Flexible Resource Allocation for your exact needs – Flexible resource allocation is
one of the chief advantages of the cloud, giving you a system that can adapt according to
actual usage – reducing or expanding as required. Many large, international IT companies
don’t enable smaller customers to benefit from this flexibility….

Fixed virtual services packages don’t always provide enough options – if a company must
choose between package types up front, much of the cloud resource flexibility is lost,
especially if your company is in a growth stage or has flexible employees and/or customer
usage. For special projects or periods of peak resource times, this lack of flexibility can be a
great disadvantage in pricing and logistics.
2. Risk Management – Many organisations need solutions for risk management of their
databases and information, in the cloud. For example, dealing with sensitive information –
like personal medical details, bank account details, payment method details, patents or
sensitive technologies.

The best solutions for UK-based companies, is running the operational servers in the UK
(this gives the best response times due to the close proximity of servers to user sites) whilst
also placing backup sites and business continuity and disaster recovery solutions in locations
abroad. Of course, it’s important to validate a cloud provider’s flexibility, broad-band
support and emergency response times.

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